Chris B. at age 13

chris b"I love all the horses."

Jay's Mom

jay"Riding has greatly improved my son's hand-eye coordination and balance.  Because of this, he is now able to ride a bike and play video games, things that every little boy his age should be able to do."


melissa“Riding is number 1, not number 2.”


becky"Riding has opened me up and I'm not as scared.  It has helped my balance a lot, and I am more positive about myself."

Amanda at age 17

"My favorite thing is up & downs at the trot.  Big Red is my favorite horse because he was dressed up as a pirate for Halloween & he is stubborn like me."


"Horsefeathers is such a joyous place, getting up in the morning knowing you're going to be with horses is what I've wanted to do all my life - a dream come true!"

Kelly at age 19

kelly"I like cantering because I'm getting really good at it and stronger.  I like circling around corners, it is much fun, and I sometimes like to do it at the trot"

Annie F.

AnnieF"I like trotting and Tia the horse is my favorite."

Jeffery at age 8

jeffery"I like trot-trot because it's fast and I like up-downs!"


jake"I like riding fast!"

Jacob at age 4

facejacob"I like to trot-trot because it's bouncy and it makes me happy!"

Abby's dad

abby"Riding has helped strengthen the trunk.  She's like a jack-in-the-box, she now has the strength to sit up and stay up under her own power, which she could not do before.  She really enjoys riding too."


"Volunteering with Nick and the horses doing therapeutic riding has been the love of my life for almost 10 years.  Working with the crew at Horsefeathers --- four-footed and two-footed alike --- is as therapeutic for me as for any of our riders."

Lilly at age 6

lilly"I like trotting - bouncy trot and up down trot"

Stephanie 21

stephaine"I love horseback riding.  These big, gentle animals are my friends.  They know my scent and they know my voice when I call their names.  Riding on Ice, Poco and Tia makes me happy.  I like to brush them and give them treats like peppermints.  I have been riding since I was 12.  I hope I can ride for a long, long time."

Mackenzie at age 13

"I like trotting because of how fast it is.  I love the feeling of how tall I am on a horse.  Ice and Poco are my favorites."

Danielle at age 17

danielle 17"I like riding Elsie because we get along so well together."

Charlie F.

charlief"I like trotting and going fast, it's exhilarating.  The people at Horsefeathers are loving and caring souls."

Maddie at age 8

maddie"My favorite thing to do is trot, because it's fast!"


dominique2"Horseback riding so much fun.  Good day.  I like to trot-trot-trot and go fast."


"I like trotting the very best because I'm doing something instead of sitting.  I feel like I am able-bodied and free."