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Above the Moon

Name: Bud
Show Name: Above the Moon
Arrival to HF : Thanks to Helena Lee in May of 2012
Breed: Perchron Draft Horse / Morgan
Gender: Gelding
Color: Flea Bitten Grey
Height: 16

Bud is the stocky, white (well, actually grey) horse at Horsefeathers. He is on his third and favorite career of his life, after working as a carriage horse in Indianapolis and then an Amish work horse. His easy-going personality and slow movement made him a great candidate for therapeutic riding. Bud is a Percheron and Morgan cross, which gives him the sturdiness of a draft horse at a height we can sidewalk for hippotherapy. Bud is making up for lost time after never having his own person to love him and truly appreciates all the attention and most of all petting he gets now at Horsefeathers. We would like to thank Patty for rescuing him from a very negative situation (slaughter) that he would have ended up in without her intervention. Thanks to Helena Lee for sponsoring his rescue fee to be part of Horsefeathers.

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Name : Calvin
Breed : Paint Pony
Height : 13.3
Arrival to HF : April of 2009

Calvin is an adorable chestnut and white paint pony with a white face and two blue eyes. He was gentle and caring with kids, the smaller the better. Calvin was rescued by the Humane Society after he and his pasture mates were neglected. Since then he has been rehabilitated, and loved his slow and easy going career as a therapy pony for many years before he needed to take a break. Calvin is currently living the life of leisure he deserves, hanging out in the pasture with his friends. Calvin loves treats - carrots, apples, and mints are his favorites but he’s not picky at all



Sir Galahad

Name: Galahad
Arrival to HF : I was donated by Ann Perk in November of 2012
Breed: Thoroughbred
Gender: Gelding Color: Bay
Height: 16.2 hands

Galahad has been through several careers in his life, starting straight out of the starting gates as a race horse named Cold Run, before being retrained as a hunter jumper. He was successfully shown on the circuit before he suffered an injury that ended his jumping days.


Scatman and Big Red

Scat and Red Began Horsefeathers: 2008 / Crossed the Rainbow Bridge: 2012

Scatman, a sweet chestnut with a roany stripe and two hind socks, was one of the best hippotherapy horses anyone could ask for. Big Red – tall, red, and handsome – was a fuzzy chestnut with a large star and one small sock, and a gentle giant in therapeutic riding. Scat and Red both came to Horsefeathers after distinguished careers with the Chicago Mounted Police; their training and experience there was perfect preparation for all the unexpected sights and sounds of a Therapeutic Riding program.

By nature a very kind and extremely patient horse, Scat taught many children and adults how to ride; he even helped one of our instructors pass her NARHA certification test. Red’s quiet, smooth, slow moving temperament and remarkable patience for all of his riders – and a fondness for big hugs from people who love him – made him a big, big, favorite.

Together they became the beloved elder statesmen of the barn, continuing a fine tradition of worth-their-weight-in-gold retired Police Horses in the Horsefeathers program. Red and Scat thrived on their work in therapeutic riding – and receiving so much affection – and then enjoyed their “second retirement” grazing in the pasture. These two best friends will always be remembered with love and appreciation, irreplaceable in our hearts.


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