Wish List

We are always looking for kind people willing to donate new/used items. Anything will help, but below we have a few specific items we are particularly looking for.

Horse Sponsors
Rider Sponsors

Donate a Horse. Please read this first before contacting: Horse Donations, Please also fill out and return this form: Horsefeathers Prospective Horse Form

Serviceable Tack:

  • English Saddles
  • Therapeutic back pads/gel pads
  • Fuzzy girths 54-40
  • Horse boots front and rear
  • Waterproof blankets
  • Stable sheets in sizes 82,76 ,78 ,74, 64 & 60 (or something close)

ASTM/SEI Certified Helmets all sizes XS-XL

Office Supplies

Truck, Trailer

Any of the items above would be appreciated.