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Summer OT & Speech Group

Available Sessions

June 14-16           July 12-14

June 21-23           July 19-21

June 28-30            July 26-28

Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 12:00 – 3:00 pm

 $150 per week, per person

 Option to register for multiple sessions with new activities offered each week! Children of variable abilities and horse-related experience levels are welcome, ages 5-10. All activities are led by licensed speech and occupational therapists, focusing on speech and motor skills. All activities are un-mounted. No special gear or riding experience required!

Activities will be modified to support all participant levels, and may include: making lunch or snack as a group (mindful of allergy information), social  interaction activities, critical thinking and cooperative games, sensory and  craft projects with horse/pony themes, pony grooming, painting, and bathing, themed obstacle courses and relay races, walks through the nature  grounds, scavenger hunts, horse and barn safety activities, and beginner horse care.

A minimum of 6 registrations is required for group to run. Maximum of 8 participants per week insures a small group environment and customized activities to promote learning and social interaction.

Please sign up by May 15, 2016 by visiting us at the barn, or by calling  (847) 234-2411

Special Olympics 2015


Horsefeathers Therapeutic Riding 2015 Illinois Special Olympics

 I’ve practiced very hard this year.
Special Olympics is almost here.
I’ve got my riding clothes and gear.
I’m so excited mommy dear.

Wheelchairs and walkers put aside,
Get on your horse, it’s time to ride.
My tummy’s doing flips inside
With nervousness I cannot hide.

My horse is wise, he seems to know,
The time has come for me to glow.
I’m riding forward, here we go.
Will I do well? I just hope so.

Mommy watch me! Daddy too!
Look and see what I can do.
Oh my gosh I’m almost through.
Honey, we’re so proud of you.

Up on my horse I have more height.
So many more things are in my sight.
I won a medal. I did it right!
I’m wearing it to bed tonight.

These bonds we make, no one can sever.
Until you’ve done this, you will never
See a more worthwhile endeavor.
A heartfelt good deed lasts forever.



Special Olympics is a yearly event made even more challenging with the involvement of a horse. We at Horsefeathers are proud and honored to serve as a bridge, bringing riders and horses together for an enriching weekend. We challenge our riders to set goals that can be met and achieved or exceeded, giving new hope to and elevating the spirit of our special needs friends and families.

Congratulations to all of our 2015 Special Olympic State of Illinois Equestrian Championship Riders. This year was the largest Horse Show in history, with 156 total riders. 17 Horsefeathers’ riders competed in Showmanship and/or English Equitation. 7 gold medals, 4 silver, 2 bronze, 5 fourth place ribbons, and 2 fifth place ribbons were well earned. Gold medals were won by Quinley B., Carly D., Amber S., Mackenzie G., Katie G., and Charles W. Silver medals were won by Charles W., Jacob E., Aaron D., and Jordan P. Bronze medals were won by Hana G., and Nick K. 4th place ribbons were awarded to Stephanie P., Sahara T., Eion J., and Stacey K. 5th place ribbons were awarded to Rebecca M., and Samuel G.

Thanks to all the wonderful volunteers and horses who made this year a great success! Horsefeathers would especially like to thank the Weeden Family for their great kindness and generosity in trailering our horses. Ice, Apollo, Ernie, Red Rover, Chance, Scooby Doo and Captain thoroughly enjoyed their Olympic experience.

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Showmanship (Halter) Classes

Gold Silver Bronze Ribbion
Quinley B. Charles W.   Stephanie P. (4th)


English Equitation Classes

Gold Silver Bronze Ribbion
Carley D. Jacob E. Hana G. Sahara T. (4th)
Amber S. Aaron D. Nick K.  
Quinley B.      
Mackenzie G.      
  Jordan P.   Eion J. (4th)
      Rebecca M. (5th)
      Samuel G. (5th)
Katie G.     Stacy K. (4th)
Charles W.     Stephanie P. (4th)

Thank You to Rush Weeden for his great kindness and generosity in trailering our horses to Special Olympics.


OT's and Speech Pathologists

Attention: OT's and Speech Pathologists! Are you looking for a fun, different, stimulating environment in which to do therapy?

Horsefeathers Therapeutic Riding, NFP is looking for a part time Occupational Therapist and Speech Pathologist to do hippotherapy at Horsefeathers Center in Lake Forest, IL. Hippotherapy (from the Greek word "hippo", meaning horse) is therapy that is done using the horse as a treatment tool.

You do not need to have horse experience in order to do this. Horsefeathers will provide you with the necessary safeguards, controlled environment, and fully trained support team to meet your needs. Hours are flexible, and the work often more satisfying than you may find in a typical clinical setting.

Please contact Kristi Jarosh (Horwitz) for more information on this job opportunity, and see below for more information regarding Horsefeathers' Hippotherapy program.

Horsefeathers Closures 2016

Day of week Date Reason
Friday January 1 New Years Day
Sunday March 27 Easter
 Fri-Sunday  October 21-23  Special Olympics
Thursday November 24 Thanksgiving
Saturday December 24 Christmas Eve
Sunday December 25 Christmas Day


We are pleased to announce that we have additional copies of Lynda Vital's wonderful books A New Life for Bud and A Tale of Two Ponies for sale. Softcovers are $15.00; Hardcovers are $20.00. They are available in the office. Please read more about Lynda under "Past Events and Stories " on our website.